Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Wade, Inventor Of MyFootsie™.

Dr. Paul Wade, Inventor Of MyFootsie™ Foot Warmer

Dr. Paul Wade, Inventor Of MyFootsie™ Foot Warmer

And you guessed it…I invented MyFootsie™ because my own feet were cold!

I tried everything: Wearing socks to bed, electric blankets, hot water bottles — you name it!

Finally I decided to create my own all-natural solution — and MyFootsie™ was born.

As a proud veteran, I wanted my product to be made in the USA. I live in Maine, one of the most gorgeous states in the Union, and so I found a local company (Maine Stitching Solutions of Skowhegan, Maine) to make MyFootsie™.

You’ll find the quality second to none — we Mainers are proud of our work, and we stand by it 100%.

I also named all the MyFootsie™ colors after the most beautiful spots in the state — so if you’ve never been to Maine, you’ll get to know a little about us...

Order your MyFootsie™ today, then let me know how you like it; I’d love to hear from you!