It’s Cold Up Here In Maine…That’s Why We Created MyFootsie® Foot & Leg Warmer.

What Is MyFootsie®? We’re So Glad You Asked…

MyFootsie® Is A Premium, Made-In-Maine Foot Warmer That Uses Your Own Body Heat To Keep Feet & Lower Legs Warm.


Crafted in Maine, the MyFootsie® is lightweight, travel-friendly, washable, and all natural.  It uses your own body heat to keep your feet and lower legs toasty warm — NO electricity, batteries, or preheating needed.


Our Fans Like To Call It “A Sleeping Bag For Feet”!

No One Likes Having To Wear Socks To Bed! With MyFootsie®, You Don’t Have To…

katahdin green.png

MyFootsie® zips up into a cosy “mini sleeping bag” for your lower legs and feet.

Slip it between the sheets to keep your feet warm on even the coldest winter night — and don’t worry about it getting tangled up…that’s what the smooth satin exterior is for. 

Feet getting too hot in the night? Slip them out of the MyFootsie® and lay them on top of the satin exterior — your feet will cool right down. (Don’t believe it? Pinky swear! The blue satin exterior stays cool, while the soft flannel interior keeps the heat in.)

Oh, and that blue satin makes the MyFootsie® reversible, too. 

(Ayuh, we’re pretty creative up here in Maine!)  


MyFootsie® Isn’t Just For Bed Time…

MyFootsie® Is Extremely Lightweight And Versatile. Check Out Some Of Its Other Uses:

  • Take it hiking or backpacking

  • Pack it in your carry on

  • Use it while watching TV

  • Keep baby warm…use it in a car seat

  • Use it as a stroller blanket

  • Take it to sports games

  • Unzip it as a lap blanket or shoulder wrap


There Are Lots Of Ways To Use MyFootsie®!

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